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What people are saying about Harmony Lee:


It’s very important to broaden our idea of what dance is and who a dancer is. This version of Harmony [dancing] is on such a pure, human level. It is as far from the 'industry' as you can get.

Galen Hooks, VMA-nominated creative, founder of “The Galen Hooks Method”, legendary multi-hyphenate dancer, choreographer, creative director, producer, singer/songwriter, and actress


“Thank you for being so gentle and transparent. Your work resonates deeply because it’s a form of holding humanity with the utmost understanding of compassion. As a disabled bad bitch, I super appreciate when u post because it reminds me to stop putting ableist-capitalist ideals expectations on myself. And I mean what I say.

-"Heal 2 Help” workshop student




“I want to thank you again for your class. It’s the most seen I’ve ever felt in a dance class.

- “Move Your Body, Heal Your Soul” workshop student

I just wanted to tell you that your workshop was very healing for me. I moved stagnation and it is allowing creative energy to flow through me. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the community. You truly are a blessing

- “Move Your Body, Heal Your Soul” workshop student

“Ever since your offering, I’ve been having a regular sleep schedule of going to be around 11 and waking up around 7:30ish. I’m regulating!!...I’ve trying to regulate my sleep for a long time”

- Nico (@rootedinspirit) herbalist healer


[Harmony] has helped and inspired conversations with people in my life around rest, around taking care of ourselves being entirely normal and okay. They have helped me release the ableist belief that those who need rest are lazy. We’re not. Our bodies are not machines. I’m missing certain things in my life that bring me joy like dancing and singing. I don’t always feel confident in those because I’m not a pro but f@#k all the things that tell us we are not good enough!!”

- “Heal 2 Help” workshop student

The class was so relaxing that I fell asleep 20 minutes in!

- “Heal 2 Help” workshop student


It has been a joy to work with Harmony. He demonstrates so much generosity. No just generosity in his intuitive healing practices, but generosity that teaches me to be generous with myself. I love his reminders to practice our “softest gaze.” With a world that is falling apart, with so much aching, so much fresh hell, we all need reminders to be soft with how we use our eyes. Thank you, Harmony, for your generosity.”

- “Move Your Body, Heal Your Soul” workshop student


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