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FREE PREVIEW - Feelin' Better Toolkit

FREE PREVIEW - Feelin' Better Toolkit

Get your free preview from my "Feelin' Better Toolkit: 5 Somatic Techniques for Rapid Nervous System Regulation".


Calling all trauma-informed therapists, coaches, teachers, and healers:


What do you do when your client, student or patient is activated and dysregulated?


How can you gently, compassionately and swiftly help them regulate their nervous system to guide them back to the present moment?


Within my "Feelin' Better Toolkit", I’ve compiled my 5 most effective techniques for rapid nervous system regulation to help you in these situations.


Check out Technique #1 from the Toolkit: "Bubble Magic" and try it out for free.


Pro-Tip: This simple yet effective technique is great for kids having meltdowns. 

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